No ML Degree: How to land your first Machine Learning job without a degree

Emil Wallner
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Think like an employer and stand out in the job market by:

  • Selecting the best resources to learn programming and machine learning skills
  • Identifying the types of projects that employers value most
  • Bringing unique ideas to the table
  • Developing habits that help you make progress on your projects
  • Creating a framework to evaluate and improve your projects
  • Finding and contacting companies that value real-world skills
  • Preparing for practical interviews

This guide is for self-learners, but it's also crucial for degree holders looking to strengthen their resumes with portfolio projects.

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Stand Out in the Machine Learning Job Market

Most online courses alone are not enough to make you an attractive job candidate. While they can provide structured learning resources, they often have limited impact on your employment prospects.

Many machine learning students have strong interview skills but a weak resume. They often realize too late that employers don't value a combination of common portfolio projects and online certificates. Hiring managers have seen the same projects over and over again.

Self-learners can struggle with accountability. It's easy to find exam answers online and copy-paste existing portfolio projects, but employers can't always tell the difference between honest, hardworking learners and those who took the easy way out.

To truly stand out in the machine learning job market, you need to go beyond just gaining knowledge. You need to build industry-level skills and create unique, impressive portfolio projects that show off your real-world skills. And then you need to target companies that value those skills.

That's what this guide is all about – helping you build industry credibility and succeed in the job market as a self-learner.

What this guide is not:

This isn't about titles. Many want to study an extensive curriculum, do exams, and earn a certain label. Instead of working toward a broad ideal, this guide is about learning specific skills that employers want to pay you for.

This isn't about concepts or theory. You are probably aware there are plenty of resources to learn the practical and theoretical aspects of machine learning. Instead, this guide helps you navigate and select those resources that are useful for landing an ML job.

About the Author

Emil Wallner is a resident at Google where he works at the intersection of Machine Learning and Arts & Culture. Emil is self-taught and holds a high-school diploma.

Emil has written ML articles and made ML products that have been read and used by millions, and has been featured in Wired and Washington Post as well as 200+ other news outlets and TV channels.

**Any opinions expressed are solely my own and do not express the views or opinions of my clients or employers.

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A 60-page guide on how to land a job in machine learning without a degree.

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No ML Degree: How to land your first Machine Learning job without a degree

12 ratings
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